Join us for The first hackathon to positively impact society with IoT and postal assets

17th & 18th February 2016. The Egg, Brussels

The Challenge

Build apps and smart devices to develop new business, using the postal assets from bpost and the Proximus IoT Network.

Registration is free and gives access to Belgium’s biggest startup conference – Tech Startup Day!

The Hackathon Challenge

Two days to dream up ways of using IoT hardware, Cloud apps and an army of postal workers, which can deliver your concepts to help communities and businesses.

Dreamers welcome!

Work with bpost’s vast portfolio of delivery staff, letter boxes, vehicles and offices, combine with cutting edge technologies and expert coaches to build, validate and pitch your ideas.

Great idea, but need support?

Find a team of developers, designers and business people, and all the techie resources to build a minimum viable product.

Are you ready to impress?

Pitch to startups, VC’s and a jury during the Tech Startup Day Conference. Winners will have the opportunity to incubate their project and take it to the next level.

What to hack?


10,000 rounds which reach over 4.3 million houses! By 12,000 internet-connected workers, ready to handle financial transactions, transfer verbal messages, handle surveys and importantly deliver physical items!


650 Postal offices, 150 pack machines, 60 mail centres, hundreds of satellite offices, 5 sorting offices and 13,000 unconnected classic red boxes

View specific bpost assets


6200 cars, 300 trucks, 2600 electric bicycles and 1700 mopeds

The Initiative

Connecting the physical world, that is IoT. Objects of all nature will soon be connected using diverse networks and technologies so you can access and control them from anywhere.

To actively participate in this great technological evolution bpost invites innovators to put at use its existing assets in an innovative way. The very dense physical network of bpost vehicles, buildings and mailboxes are there for you to connect. What makes bpost unique however, is the daily contact of over 13.000 post(wo)men reaching out daily to more than 4 million homes.

Make a difference

Now there is an opportunity; connect the world of tomorrow while uplifting the value of human interaction in our society of the future.

bpost covers the last mile between the technology and those you care about, adding a friendly smile to technology

Get inspired!

Find, share and discuss ideas at the hackathon ideation portal – register to gain access!

Postman selfie

Ask the Postman to make a selfie with your grandparents so you can actually see they are ok.

Mail a sensor

Deploy sensors as easily as posting a package. Imagine a service where smart devices can be delivered to a location of your choice which then activates on arrival.

An API for your Postman

Sometimes sensors aren’t available or can’t be connected. Use the postman’s Smart scanner to collect data from remote sources and put them to good use for your new app.

Judging Themes

The Jury will select the winners of the Hackathon according to the following judging criteria


How will your app or device have a positive effect on our future society?

Business Model

How strong is your value proposition and what’s the relevance for the market you address?

Use of postal of assets

How original is the way you use the postal assets, have you made use of different services and assets available?

Technology Innovation

To what degree did you integrate IoT technologies in your new device or app?

Hack-A-Post starts in

Join 126 other Business pro’s, Developers, Designers and Hardware Makers!

1st Day
08:00 – 09:00 Registration opens Welcome presentation starts at 8.30!
09:00 – 10:00 Introduction to resources Quick fire idea pitches and team formation
10:00 – 18:00 Hack time!
19:00 – 20:00 Pitch invitations for TSD plenary
20:00 Doors close
2nd Day
08:00 – 12:00 Doors open – Back to hacking!
12:00 – 13:00 Hacking stops!
13:00 – 14:00 Pitch session
14:00 – 16:00 Jury deliberates
16:00 – 17:00 Announcement of awards
18:00 Wrap up and goodbye

Showcase to experts

The best projects will be able to pitch to the audience of tech entrepreneurs, innovators and investors of Tech Startup Day as well as to a high-brow jury. Outstanding projects have a chance to be incubated under the umbrella of the Hack-a-Post partners.

You win no matter what

Everyone will receive access to some great technology platforms and each team will receive an AllThingsTalk LoRa IoT RDK for them to keep. The LoRa RDK includes exclusive access to the Proximus IoT Network until the end of the Beta period.

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Web engagement platform and Hackathon organisation by AllThingsTalk
and Studio Dott

Hack-a-post is over!

#Hackapost 2016

A Hackathon created by Proximus EnCo together with Microsoft, bpost and also hosted by and organised by AllThingsTalk. It offered to developers and Business Pros two days to dream up ways of using IoT hardware, Cloud apps and an army of postal workers which can deliver your concepts to help communities and businesses.

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The Prize Winners

Judge’s choice: Hackstars


People’s choice: Curious Craft


Runner up Projects

bpost Angels
On duty for your well-being

For the Hackapost team, bpost Angels, there is no doubt that the postman could give a human face to tomorrow’s tech society.

Together with a full set of IoT sensors connected on the EnCo Platform and powered by Azure’s cloud capacities, bpost Angels make the postman become part of an innovative solution that allows the elderly stay in their homes and independent.

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Save time and money on what truly matters

The Hackapost Team wants to take good care of your energy bill. More than any other price comparator, their service can also monitor your smart home to optimise your energy consumption.

The deployment, maintenance and exploitation of the smart sensors together with the information collected offers a broad range of new services for bpost.

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AllThingsTalk LoRa Rapid Development Kit


An enabling asset used at Hackapost was the AllThingsTalk Rapid Development Kit, which is a hardware, cloud and mobile prototyping toolkit all in one box. Allowing attendees to build working IoT prototypes in no time!

Get your own LoRa Rapid Development Kit