bpost assets

The Hack-a-post challenge is not only to improve society but to find new and novel ways to build new services using postal assets. Not to attempt to alter the existing services of bpost.


  • bpost is trusted by the citizen, this is why Belgians open the door to their postman
  • Neutrality, safety and privacy respect are very important for bpost employees and
  • All suggested activities cannot interfere to these principles

    Postmen & Rounds

    • ~12.000 mailmen ensure ~10.000 rounds every day and serve over 4.3 million

    Households & Enterprises

    • Postmen have a great knowledge of their local rounds, and are aware of local habits.
    • Concretely, a postman delivers mail and parcels in a trusted, professional and friendly manner, but also picks up parcels, brings /makes cash payments, checks identity and registers signatures.
    • Postman may also perform easy technical installations, short surveys & observations.

    • Thanks to the Mobile Device (Android platform), postmen can take a picture and scan
      a bar code. Some are also equipped with credit card payments terminals.
    • Because of their neutrality, postmen do not sell things at the door.

    • Postmen activities at the door or in the house are mostly relevant for short term
      periods (1min to 10 min)

    bpost can transport:

    • Both small and large items, Ambient or cooled.

    bpost is also focusing on:

    • City deliveries,Evening / week-end deliveries,Same day deliveries.


    • Large fleet (~6k cars, ~300 trucks, ~2.6k bicycles & ~1.7k motorbikes): over 600 000
      km per day.
    • Trucks fleet includes long-haul transport through Belgium and mid-size trucks for
      transport within cities.
    • Fleet has in itself build-in sensors such as kilometres, GPS or temperature.
    • Beyond these possibilities, sensors –passive or with power plug- can be installed in
      the fleet.
    • Postmen are the driver the cars/bikes/trucks.

    Red mailboxes

    • ~13k red mailboxes equally spread throughout the country
    • Mailboxes being standalone, added sensors cannot have access to power.


    • ~650 post offices & ~650 post points:
    • Usual postal activities
    • In Post Offices commercial activities for postal products and partner products.
    • Banking activities are not included in the scope of the hackathon.
    • ~150 parcel lockers
    • 60 big mail centres & a few hundred satellite offices, 5 sorting centres.
    • Fulfilment and warehousing centres
    • For scanning purpose, barcodes are set in some selected areas. Beacons could also be

    Other Activities

    • Call centre performs inbound and outbound calls in Dutch, French and German.

    Printing & Scanning

    • High volume printing facility for transactional documents
    • Also electronic and archiving
    • Scanning: facilities for integration in total solutions