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Bpost Comes To You !

There are a number of people based on their busy schedule or other limitations are not able to go to the post office to use some of it’s services. This service will be “Bpost Comes To You”, this will be a supplementary service for a fee whereby a Bpost person will come to your home, office or where you are located and transact the services you require. This service will also be available after working hours even when the post office might be closed. Possibly until 9 pm.

There will be a mobile app which the user can download, on the app will display the Bpost services you are able to transact when Bpost comes to you. You select the services you require, insert your address and a date/time for the visit, this message is sent to Bpost who will reply back with a confirmation. We may use the sensors to track the Bpost assets (vehicles, bicycle riders etc.) whereby on the given date/time the logical Bpost person on the road would visit you.

kekpang 0 Added 2 years ago