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The Post(wo)men as an additional caregiver with a heart for our seniors, every day at your doorstep!

Situation Today… 1.-the Post has exceptional resources available to the – Highly specialized staff in a multitude of disciplines – Each national daily living unit and Ditto residents usually meet – All the necessary material resources for that purpose at its disposal 2.-now by shifting…

abconsulting 0 Added 2 years ago
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Smart drive

Using the sensor to optimize the way and provide on time vehicle maintenance. The first parameter is received from sensor deployed in the city and initially known in the traffic areas. With these statistics and data in real time, we can predict the traffic and…

sazoud 0 Added 2 years ago
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Portable LoRa enabled device with GPS, RFID/NFC, and other sensors to benefit the real time delivery and tracking system with other features.

Development of a portable, battery powered system with LoRa enabled hardware to make the postman’s work more efficient. The device can be used on bicycles, cars, trucks, … and can be RFID/NFC enabled. If letters and packages are RFID/NFC enabled by replacing the classic post…

thomasvb 0 Added 2 years ago