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Digital Post – Epost

Every Belgian Citizen has a funny small eID card; the size of a credit card.
What few people know; is that this thing contains your own key; which can be used to send or recieve signed letters / post.
We could even use it to create a for everyone.
The Belgium governement own the root CA of this key; and can, us such identify this key as yours and trusted.
We could offer people a choice; recieve your tax form digitally – pay less for the paper.
Then we could start to exploit this; charge the governement for their usage, because will be jumping on this to reduce their paper and postal costs.

This idea can be expanded into many areas; like authorization; access control; mailings; official communications from the state …

Ultimately it will allow bpost to take a front-row-seat in a true digital age; which we all know will come some day.
To do this; we need motivated and skilled people; and time/budget, as it is not a simple endeavour.

weijsba 1 Added 2 years ago

One Response

  • I like the idea to use the eID card in a lot of applications.

    However I am unable to imagine a project related with bpost and the eID right now.