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GeoView to create your own mobile mapping cloud

Today many people are using GeoReferenced imagery for their daily work, mostly Google StreetView. The problem with Google StreetView is that it is often outdated for the purposes people would like to use it. If we could use the mobility of the bpost crew, it would allow to build daily or weekly datasets that could fit many purposes.

My GeoView platform ( is ready today to publish georeferenced photos or videos (independantly of the hardware being used). It can be a smartphone, dashcam or actioncam. (as long as there is GPS and connected imagery available). This data can then be displayed on backgroundmaps like Google, Bing but also local WMS services like AGIV, URBIS etc are supported. And one can even add his own WMS services if available.

This would allow for up to date imagery to be consumed by many : think of it as SmartInfrastructure or even SmartCountry instead of SmartCities).
Taking this platform one step further, we could provide a solution with sensors that capture ‘road quality’ and use GeoView as the platform to show and manage the results.

So the idea proposed here is SmartMobility

cdheere 0 Added 2 years ago