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mobile parcel-delivery interaction (next-gen track&trace)

A lot of parcels have to be brought back to a postal point as recipients are often not home.
This introduces a lot of wasted time for both parties.

Therefore I propose a mobile app where the recipient can:
– set times he is not home
– set what the delivery man needs to do when the recipient is not home (the usual bpost options + deliver to a specific address within a restricted distance (e.g. 50m) + select notification office to drop off to + …)
– get live parcel notifications (tracking)
– set remarks (e.g. ‘doorbell not working, please knock on the window’)
– have live contact with the delivery man (e.g. delivery man triggers alarm in recipient app that he is at the door, ask response from recipient)
This also requires the delivery man to have a small app on his device to support the previous functionality.

Using the extra information given by the recipient, a lot of failing delivery attempts can be avoided and time can be saved, benefiting both recipient as delivery company.
It also has especially a lot of value for the customer, as he gets more information, and has more control over the parcel.

rmangels 0 Added 2 years ago