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Portable LoRa enabled device with GPS, RFID/NFC, and other sensors to benefit the real time delivery and tracking system with other features.

Development of a portable, battery powered system with LoRa enabled hardware to make the postman’s work more efficient. The device can be used on bicycles, cars, trucks, … and can be RFID/NFC enabled. If letters and packages are RFID/NFC enabled by replacing the classic post stamp with a RFID/NFC enabled post stamp there are a lot of new possibilities. Reading all the letters/packets RFID tags with a new portable hand held device improves the real time tracking and delivery system. Automatic messages can be send to the receivers when the package is delivered or when nobody’s home, if the package is delivered at the neighbours or when the package will be delivered the next day, etc. The devices can be more than a delivery system, with GPS and sensors the geolocation of the house numbers can be exactly pinned and updated, this is a frustration because the location of the house numbers are rarely correct in google maps or GPS systems. The device can also be fitted with logging features for improvement of the Bpost physical delivery network, etc. The Bpost vehicles can also be used for other third party things, like combining google street view on a Bpost delivery car. The LoRa network benefits over classic data networks with SIM cards in energy efficiency.

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