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RouteData as a Service

Because bpost drives a large number of roads in Belgium on a daily basis, we can equip their vans with sensors to identify potholes being formed and monetize this data towards government. This way the government can act quickly to repair the situation before it degrades further and causes safety risks.

The algorithm to identify the potholes will take into account historical data and existing road objects (traffic bump etc).

No extra work for the mailman, but a great benefit for society!
The service could be expanded with pollution meters or traffic sign detectors to detect stolen/broken signs.
Bikes and mailmen on foot could also be equiped to maintain the sidewalk.

jonas.boonen 1 Added 2 years ago

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  • Hi guys,

    we are still looking for 2 team members! Please let me know if you want to join our awesome team (of 1 business guy and 1 techie).