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Your postman is your guardian angel

When you are senior/disabled and live alone, your postman, your neighbors… are your guardian angels.
These people are always willing to help you but for that, they need to know that you need help….

You can use services with “help pendant” like “Madam Laurent” of your health care company (CPAS-OCMW/Mutuality) but for that you need to be conscious and have enough force to push on the help button…. Often this is not the case and you could stay laying on the floor during hours…

The service I propose is a service where your postman would be informed that something abnormal happened so he can ring your bell during his mail distribution tour. This is a complementary service to the above that ensure you waked up in the morning, you eat your meal, your heating system is ok and you went to bed at night….

All these services together will allow the senior / disabled person to stay at home , meaning savings for the family and beter life environment for the senior.
For the BPOST perspective, this will help to keep the employment, to create additional revenue, to valorised the Postman job and to create a “Proximity” image.

How it will work technically:

– 3 Lora sensors : Heat/gaz detection in the kitchen, motion detection of the fridge door (to detect food eating), ABSENCE of motion detector in the hall (to detect if the person didn’t go to bed or wake up…)
– The Lora sensor will inform a central platform on abnormal situations
– The central platform will inform the senior/disabled person’s family in case of life threatening issue (gaz / temperature) and add an “stop to control request” in the next distribution tour of the Postman.
– The Postman, during his mail distribution, based on his location, will be informed on his smartphone by the central server that he has to stop and ring the bell to the person requiring “help”. Based on the situation, he will update the central server which will take the appropriate actions.
– This service would only be offered if the user take a bank BPOST bank account, this is an upselling that will ease the service billing.

Update 15/01/2016:
– We are already 2 in the team and we are looking for people having development skills (Mobile applications, C and HTML)
Hope to meet you soon


mmggbe 4 Added 2 years ago

4 Responses

  • Pretty funny, we had more or less the same idea today. We also considered tracking water usage as an indicator (no water for long time = suspicious).
    Do you want to join up? We are one business developer (+ fragrance of designer) and one developer hw/sw.

  • “Needing help” means need help within 24h or even longer during weekend. So the sensors collect information over that period and make a choice on that duration. These can’t be urgent. I don’t see yet what the postman can do for these people.

  • Hello, I like this idea. It is simple and useful.

    I have no team and could perhaps join your team and help you (did you Mmggbe and Jonas joined?).

    I can work in the pitch, write parts of the business plan, do some mockups and perhaps help with development.
    I have a huge experience in project management and web development but I am not yet so good in IoT 😉



  • Hi,

    Interesting idea. Still need a software developer? Also experienced in Machine Learning, might be interesting to learn people’s behavior and then detect deviations.