The AllThingsTalk prototyping environment is the most convenient and versatile way to develop your IoT prototypes quickly. It helps you create, connect and interact with your things.

Log into SmartLiving Maker

SmartLiving Maker

Simply register to the AllThingsTalk SmartLiving developer community and you will discover an environment that lets you connect and set-up your devices. After registration, a Quick Start guide will help you on your way in 6 easy steps.


Your prototyping canvas, called a ‘Ground’ lets you create your devices and set-up controls based on your device’s assets. You can easily invite members to your Ground so you can share data from your devices as well as set up notifications when device state changes occur.

Rules Engine

Next you will discover the versatility of the embedded, powerful Rules Engine using our Rules Wizard or the JSON Rule Creator. That is where interaction of your things really gets on the way.


Finally, you can choose to control it all using the SmartLiving Mobile App, downloadable from both Google Play for Android and Apple’s AppStore for iOS, so you can control your devices on the go.


Download the SmartLiving Mobile App


Everything is clearly documented and for you to discover and use, from the set-up of your LoRa Rapid Development Kit, over the functionality of the prototyping environment to the API Reference guide.

SmartLiving Docs

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate and reach out at

AllThingsTalk professionals and developers will also be present at the pre-session on February 10 at Proximus Towers and 17 and 18 February during #hackapost with hands on help. See you there.