The Proximus developer suite for LoRa


Sensor as a Service is an easy to use REST API to retrieve sensor data from LoRa wireless devices.

Each AllThingsTalk development kit sends its data through Proximus’ loRa network, you can retrieve data via the API, sample them, search historical data or enable conditional triggers on those sensors that will send a warning to a web endpoint of your choice (e.g. a web-app).

For an example on how to use triggers, see the Freeboard integration examples.

SEaaS API Docs

Usage Monitoring API

The Usage Monitoring allows you to see the activity of a device. Currently, the Usage Monitoring API allows you to get an overview of the daily, monthly and total usage of sensors values.

Usage Monitoring API Docs

Network Status (release: Feb 8th 2016)

The Network Status API allows a developer to monitor LoRa network services in all the areas covered by Proximus.

Arduino Sensor Library

An Arduino library compatible with the AllThingsTalk development kit to monitor network and radio signal parameters on the device.

Arduino Client

MS Azure Cloud Channel (release: Feb 8th 2016)

The Cloud Channel allows to route sensor data to Azure Enterprise Service Bus where a developer can store it, analyze it with Cortana AI assistant, load it in a database or simply bring it to an Office 365 instance. Before and during the hackaton qualified Microsoft’s scouts will help teams to make the best out of the powerful Microsoft Cloud resources.

Samples, code snippets

Freeboard (web-based amazing dashboards) integration